Overnight Kayak to Crow Island

August 22, 2016Kayaking

Hi All: I woke up this morning to a hard rain and thought, wow, we really lucked out on the weekend weather. Actually, everything about the trip was pretty amazing from my perspective. Now having just a bit of time to reflect, I realize what made the trip special and what probably almost always makes … Read More

Surf Day

July 31, 2016Surfing

This morning was not the morning you would have wanted if you were spending it in the Atlantic Ocean. But with adventurous spirits, that’s exactly what Sara and Gretchen did. The three of us met up on this cool, wet morning at Scarborough Beach, found Jake, the very sweet surf instructor, and headed over to … Read More

Summer Hike Up Tumbledown Mountain

July 24, 2016Hike

Hi all: The Tumbledown Mountain hike was a big success and although it is a popular hike it was new to a number of us. There were six of us hiking yesterday: Nori, Ann, Sara, Stephanie, Julie and me. On the hike up we all admitted to being a little worried that yesterday’s high (and … Read More

Meditation with Essential Oils

May 13, 2016Meditation

Tonight’s guided meditation evening was lovely and very different (with a few similarities) from the one we did a few weeks ago. During this evening’s meditation Kara led us through a 40-minute meditation focusing on seven of the body’s chakras. I think they were: root; womb; solar plexus; heart; throat; third eye and crown. As … Read More

Crazy Fabulous

May 7, 2016Hike, Overnight, Snow Shoe

Hi All: I returned home to Portland late this afternoon and after visiting with my family, sat down to write and capture some of our time up at West Branch Pond Camps before the magic of it evaporates and before my brain space becomes crowded up with the bits and pieces, appointments and responsibilities of … Read More

Hike Up Pleasant Mountain

May 7, 2016Hike

I’m not sure it felt like April today up at the summit of Pleasant Mountain (well, maybe April in Maine). Despite the drizzle and chilly temps, we had a good (not hard) hike with really great views. When we reached the top we were very hungry and found a lovely lunch spot, but then the … Read More

A Message From Casey

March 15, 2016Hike

Hi all: I put out a query to the West Branch Pond Camp group asking if anyone would be interested and willing to write her own synopsis of the weekend and what it meant to her. I thought you all would like to hear a different voice and a different perspective than mine. Casey quickly … Read More

Writing Night Recap

March 1, 2016Journal Entry

Hello all: Tonight’s adventure was a significantly different type from those of the past few months. Instead of moving forward, one foot in front of the other, watching for roots and looking out over peaks and vistas, we focused inward and followed the paths of our writing minds. Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, Portland’s poet laureate and all-around … Read More

Harpswell Cliff Walk

February 14, 2016Hike

Driving up to meet my fellow adventurers today, I was filled with something I can only describe as a bubbling in my heart. It was both excitement and anticipation. I was visiting a new and hopefully beautiful place and the day’s weather could not have been lovelier. I had a few things on my mind … Read More