Weekend in Oquossoc

September 19, 2017Exploration

Where to start… I could write a dry outline of all that we did over our weekend in Oquossuc, but that would be well, dry. Instead I’ll try to capture the impressions I had that bounced around Mooselookmeguntic Lake and Bald Mountain over two nights and two days. Spending time with a group of like-minded, … Read More

Surfing with Aquaholics

September 13, 2017Surfing

This short post was written by LAC member Ann T. who is a surfer of both North American coasts and of many (maybe not many, but at least more than a few, I think) other countries as well. She organized the morning of surfing at Gooch’s Beach with Aquaholics. Everyone caught a wave and got … Read More

Honeybee Heroes

September 11, 2017Journal Entry

Hi all: You may know that I have a thing for honey bees. I’m mostly enamored with them and sometimes I’m really pissed off at them. But I’m always in awe of them. Did you know that a hive of bees must fly 55,000 miles to produce a pound of honey and that one bee colony can produce 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year (I … Read More

Harbor Island Visit

July 10, 2017Hike

Hi All: I wasn’t able to join in on Saturday’s adventure to Harbor Island (I couldn’t be a derelict sister and miss my brother’s engagement party!) so LAC member Meredith Wood-Masteka wrote this recap in my stead. Sounds like it was a fabulous day. Big thanks to the hosts, Megan and Lev. From Meredith: 13 … Read More

Yoga at Sunflower Farm

June 30, 2017Yoga

I don’t know that I ever want to practice yoga inside again. Last Wednesday evening Hope Hall, owner of Sunflower Farm in Cumberland hosted a group of us for an evening of yoga and baby goat cuddling. I drove out from Portland to Cumberland loving the visual shift from city to country. Arriving at Sunflower … Read More

June Hike Up Puzzle Mountain

June 25, 2017Hike

Hi all: Yesterday’s LAC adventure was a hike up Puzzle Mountain with Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust Executive Director, Simon Rucker. There were 12 LAC hikers plus Simon and we were a good and enthusiastic hiking crowd. It was a bit humid at the start of our hike and we all built up a little … Read More

Full Moon Snowshoe

February 14, 2017Overnight, Snow Shoe, Surfing

I felt so, so happy and truthfully, quite relieved that the weather was on our side for the full moon snowshoe last Friday night. I had been feeling discouraged by the cancellations and rescheduling I’d had to do three times over the past few months. When you like life to go just so (as I … Read More

Guns & Bourbon

September 11, 2016Shooting

Yesterday six of us arrived at the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club for an introduction and lesson on handling handguns. Our instructor Scott Merrill was a tall guy in his 50s who turned out to be a fabulous teacher to us neophytes. He continually stressed the importance of safety and throughout the class underscored that … Read More

Overnight Kayak to Crow Island

August 22, 2016Kayaking

Hi All: I woke up this morning to a hard rain and thought, wow, we really lucked out on the weekend weather. Actually, everything about the trip was pretty amazing from my perspective. Now having just a bit of time to reflect, I realize what made the trip special and what probably almost always makes … Read More

Surf Day

July 31, 2016Surfing

This morning was not the morning you would have wanted if you were spending it in the Atlantic Ocean. But with adventurous spirits, that’s exactly what Sara and Gretchen did. The three of us met up on this cool, wet morning at Scarborough Beach, found Jake, the very sweet surf instructor, and headed over to … Read More