Where to start… I could write a dry outline of all that we did over our weekend in Oquossuc, but that would be well, dry. Instead I’ll try to capture the impressions I had that bounced around Mooselookmeguntic Lake and Bald Mountain over two nights and two days. Spending time with a group of like-minded, kind, fun, warm and adventurous women is a gift. Typically, our days are filled with different everyday life activities and from my perspective it is sometimes a challenge to sink in, really sink in, to something that makes me feel happy and good. This weekend away was an opportunity to do just that. The 16 of us were not best friends – some of us had never been on an LAC adventure prior to Friday afternoon and at least one of us, knew absolutely no one when she stepped over the threshold to the home that was our base for the weekend. How brave and adventurous is that?

Weather always makes a difference when traveling and especially when the itinerary calls for 90% outdoor-time. I don’t know who performed a summer sun dance, but we were blessed with ample sunshine and clear skies for our days on the lake. Fog did hang low on the water each morning, but by mid-morning it had burned off to reveal blue skies and hot temps – this made for a sweaty hike up Bald Mountain on Saturday, but we weren’t in a rush and had a lovely time hanging about at the summit. And we especially enjoyed Patty Howells’ brownies – aptly named, Super Natural Brownies. Get the recipe from her if you like chocolate (and who doesn’t?).

Conversation buzzed about throughout the weekend. We learned about each other; we told stories; we laughed. I don’t think we cried unless it was from laughing so hard. We ate well (remember the aforementioned brownies). And collectively we rocked the quiz that Kevin, our Saturday night boat captain and Maine Guide gave us. The one question we all missed was about the State of Maine insect. Mosquito and black fly were the top two answers from our group, but he assured us it was the honeybee. I still don’t believe him even though I like that answer.

I can’t say thank you enough to Patti Butler for out-hostessing the best hostess you know. I’m not even going to try and find the words to tell you how gracious and easy going and welcoming she was. Please just believe me. She was amazing. Thanks, Patti.

Another LAC weekend away sinks into my memory stores with great vibes and happy thoughts. Thanks to all of you who came and played in western Maine. We have so much more of Maine left to explore.



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