In the summer of 2015

I fell in love with a show on Netflix called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Miss Phryne Fisher is a fabulous 1920s Australian feminist and lady detective (hence the show’s title). In one episode she’s seen at the digs of the Ladies Adventure Club, where these 1920s women are drinking scotch, shooting pool and talking about an auto race in which one of their members is about to compete, unfortunately the driver turns out to be the murder victim. (If you didn't already know, I'm a fan of female detectives and murder mysteries.)

So this got me thinking, I want a Ladies Adventure Club in Portland, Maine. Turns out there wasn't anything like it, so I started one.

I find that some of my happiest and most rewarding experiences are when I am adventuring. And by adventuring I don't just mean grandiose scale, like hiking Kilimanjaro; I mean times that I come right up against the edge of my comfort zone and either swish or stumble past. Recently, that’s been learning how to telemark ski; taking up Italian language lessons after not speaking it for over 20 years (and not speaking it at all well then) and becoming a beekeeper.

All of these things made me and still make me nervous, but they also make me feel alive.

And then, two years after I started the LAC, in fall of 2017 at a leadership workshop I met Alicia Heyburn who lives her life very much this way too. After we co-led a hike to Dunns Falls (near Andover, Maine), I asked if she would be interested in joining me as a co-leader of the club. And she said yes. Happily for the LAC, Alicia is an AMC Trip Leader, a Wilderness First Responder AND a Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide. She’s got the chops. And she’s got the passion for Maine and the outdoors.

There is something about being in my 40s that makes me want to grab more from life. And we really want to do it with you.

Our mission is to offer Maine women adventure and community and an opportunity to challenge themselves in a supportive environment.

Do you like adventuring, but need a little push?

Or are you already pushing yourself in adventurous ways and feel like sharing those adventures with others? Or would you like to try something new with a group of supportive and lovely women? This could be it. Take a look around the website and email me with any questions or thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you and we especially look forward to adventuring with you.